Rates for Medical Procedures

We want you to have no surprises at our office. We strive to be completely transparent about any cost you will incur while providing the best care possible.

The prices listed below are for the standard service for a particular diagnosis and do not include any amount charged for complications or exceptional treatment. The actual charges for a visit are dependent on the circumstances at the time service is rendered and can be discussed with your provider at your appointment.

Office visits are scheduled to provide you with adequate time to discuss your concerns. Office visit fees are based on the complexity of your concerns and the time spent with your provider. If your visit requires additional procedures such as a biopsy and/or freezing, there will be an additional fee(s) as noted above. These additional fees will be discussed prior to performing the procedure.

Evolution Dermatology in Boulder CO rates for medical dermatology

Evolution Dermatology + Wellness Medical Rates

Description Cost:

  • New patient visit, complex, full body exam – $180
  • New patient visit, simple – $120
  • Accutane, initial start up – $180
  • Accutane, follow up – $120
  • Return patient visit, complex – $120
  • Return patient visit, simple – $90

    We are able to see Medicare patients on a private contract basis. All Medicare patients are required to sign a private contract before we are able to provide care. This contract indicates that you understand that medical services will not be covered and that you are not allowed to file a claim and neither are we.


    • Destruction of precancerous lesion, first lesion – $75
    • Destruction of precancerous lesion, 2-14 lesions – $10/each additional
    • Destruction of benign lesion, 1-14 lesions – $200
    • Skin biopsy, first lesion – $75
    • Skin biopsy, additional lesion – $30
    • Punch (<6mm) skin biopsy – $120/each
    • Intralesional injection – $80
    • Excisional Repair, complex (Size and diagnosis dependent. Your provider will discuss this with you prior to your procedure)
    • C&D, BCC/SCC – $282
      Punch excision (6mm)/atypical nevus – $280
    • Post-operative follow-up visit/Suture removal – $0