Vitamin B12 IV

What is Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin required by the body in order to function properly. And it is well-known to be an energy boosting supplement. It is vital in a number of different biological processes. These processes include DNA synthesis, red blood cell formation, energy production, nerve cell health, and general neurological function.

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How often should B12 be given?

Monthly, unless B12 is low in your bloodwork. If B12 is low in your bloodwork, consider 5 or 6 biweekly injections for loading, and once-a-month for maintenance.

Symptoms of a B12 Deficiency:

Some of the most common symptoms include mood changes, fatigue and lethargy, feeling irritable, faintness, and headache.

However, some symptoms are more noticeable, such as muscle weakness, intestinal problems, memory issues, difficulty maintaining your balance, mouth ulcers, a sore, swollen tongue, tingling or numbness in your extremities, and heart palpitations.

Who is most at risk for B12 deficiency?

People who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet might be prone to deficiency because plant foods don’t contain vitamin B-12. Older adults and people with digestive tract conditions that affect absorption of nutrients also are susceptible to vitamin B-12 deficiency.

Why an IM injection or IV as opposed to a pill form?

Your body only absorbs a small percentage of this through your gut. Especially people with disorders of the stomach and small intestine, such as celiac disease or Crohn’s disease, might not absorb enough vitamin B12.

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What are the benefits of B12?

Vitamin B12 shots and injections help with energy, mental focus & more! You will see the benefits of B12 injections in almost all areas of your health and wellbeing. Some of the possible benefits of B12

  • Enhance energy levels. You should also see an improvement in your mood and mental health; you are likely to be less depressed and anxious and will have better memory and mental acuity.
  • Repair of damaged nerves. If you were suffering any neurological symptoms of B12 deficiency, such as tingling or numbness in your extremities, then you should notice a reduction of these symptoms as the B12 helps to repair the damaged nerves.
  • Improve coordination and balance.
  • Help your skin. B12 promotes the growth of healthy skin cells and repairs damage to the skin. It also helps to regulate the production of pigment in the skin, meaning that you will have a more even skin tone and fewer dark spots. It helps fight the decay of aging at the cellular level.
  • Improve metabolism, which may promote greater fitness as well as weight loss.

Why is the B12 red in color?

B12 does not have red dye in it (though it may look that way!). The B12 molecule absorbs blue and green light and reflects red light, giving it a naturally bright red color.

Something to know…

After your B12 injection you may notice pinkish or reddish urine! This is completely benign and nothing to worry about. It happens because your kidneys will flush out any extra vitamin B and because injected B12 is red, your urine may be pink or reddish. Similar to bright yellow pee caused by the color pigment of riboflavin (vitamin B2), the red discoloration found in B12 urine is from the red pigmentation of hydroxocobalamin.